English has lost so many positive words

What a lovely read (https://bit.ly/2QEFl8N).  Whilst we should all stay positive throughout our daily lives; it seems to be getting harder and harder as time passes. This could be due to the rise of social media or the speed of which information travels. But potentially this battle to stay positive has always been true, rather as time has gone by, we have lost the words and synonyms for a more optimistic outlook on life.

Personally, I smiled when Susie Dent wrote, “Over the next few months, for example, we can hope to delight in “respair”: the unsung enemy of despair and which, in the 16th century at least, meant fresh hope and a recovery from despondency. And there is always “confelicity”: the unselfish joy in someone else’s pleasure.”

Hopefully, we can all experience respair and confelicity in the near and distant future.




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