English has lost so many positive words

What a lovely read (https://bit.ly/2QEFl8N).  Whilst we should all stay positive throughout our daily lives; it seems to be getting harder and harder as time passes. This could be due to the rise of social media or the speed of which information travels. But potentially this battle to stay positive has always been true, rather […]

Latest Update on Covid-19 Situation in Sunny Devon

  Life is gradually returning to normal and things are opening up again !! From Monday 12th April, all shops, hairdressers, gyms and swimming pools will be open and cafes, restaurants and pubs can serve drinks and food outside. So we will be able to enjoy a freshly roasted coffee overlooking our beautiful cathedral or […]

Something special from Exeter Academy

  We are very proud to say that we have the only Multi-level course approach to learning English in the UK. We very much like the flexibility to put students at different levels in different skills. A lot of our students are better in some English skills than others. With our course design, we can […]




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